Top 10 tips for creating a job advert

You have already made a wise decision to advertise on HIJOBS meaning you are currently using industry leading award winning technology. We want to ensure you are receiving the very best service we offer.

Here’s our top 10 tips for getting the best candidate applications through HIJOBS:

  1. Put as much information on your company profile page as possible, the more effort you put into it the better you look to potential candidates.

  2. We know it sounds daft but check your spelling and grammar, you’d be amazed at how many don’t! Also remember to use capitalisation.

  3. Put in as much detail about the job as you can, people want to know lots and if you only put a few words they will think you can’t be bothered with them already.

  4. Make your advert stand out, show your company's personality, at any given time we have upward of 500 local jobs, make sure the candidates want to work for you.

  5. Try to give an indication of salary, it helps with search performance and remember you can ‘hide’ it from the candidate by unchecking "Show Rate" so it only shows as a bracket.

  6. Select the correct job location, be as specific as possible so we send it to relevant candidates.

  7. Check your analytics. If you aren’t getting enough applications you can amend your advert and you’d be amazed at the impact it will have.

  8. ‘Bump’ your job after a week or two, this makes it look like a brand new listing and sends it out again to all our email subscribers.

  9. If you want to take your job down early because you have found the perfect candidate then simply hit ‘archive’ in the job manager section and we do everything else for you. Remember in future all the information will be there so if you need to relist the job again you don’t need to type it all up.

  10. Feature your job by hitting the green ‘boost’ button to the right of your advert. You will receive up to 4 times as many listing views and applications by promoting your job. Your listing will be highlighted in all search result pages, as well as promoted via our social media and email networks. You can feature your job for 7, 14 or 30 days.


Remember if you’d like any more information or just want to give us some feedback get in touch today at or on 01397 779003.

Happy candidate hunting!

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